Friday, May 29, 2009

I Finally Got Smart, or "Smarter"

Star, getting some much deserved rest after being up all night!

It's been such an interesting week with the "kids". They seem to have grown up almost overnight (not in size but in "maturity") I wish I had known that all I had to do the help this along was to keep Cosmo with Star at night downstairs. DUH!!!

As you might know, Cosmo always slept with "Mom and Dad" and Star had charge of the downstairs at n
ight for us while we slept. During the spring it became increasingly more apparent that Cosmo wanted to be up longer and get up earlier, so we decided that he needed to be with Star. The ONLY reason we didn't come to this conclusion earlier was that Cosmo was the "terminator" when it came to knocking things off of shelves ect.

Cosmo, still on the job!

He "mysteriously" has ceased d
oing this. (I believe in favor of looking out of windows at the deer eating my garden, chasing moths and other insects, while playing with Star all night) It's amazing but they are doing very well together, not making lots of mischief, and letting us sleep. YAAAYYYY!!!!

Star, winding down after a long night's work.

The nicest part is that they are so happy to see us in the morning, that we gets lots of "kitty kisses", head butts
, and purring.

As I write they are asleep now after a long night on patrol. They are crowded together on top of the cat tower in my office, both looking like the angels they have become. (knock on wood :-)

Cosmo, looking so handsome always willing to pose for "mom".

PS I love both of these cats more than I ever thought I could, but (please don't tell Cosmo) that Star has found a special place in my heart. And to think that if I had not asked Mickey a last minute question about her, she may never have become ours!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mr. Cosmo's Birthday...

Cosmo, one day old taken May 2, 2008. Thanks Mickey!!!

Hi everyone, hope you all had a nice weekend. We have been cleaning out the attic and garage, which explains why I didn't post this on Friday May 1st which is the actual day of C's first birthday.

Cosmo appearing to be "chowing down", but...

He's only in it for the Greenies!!

Here are some pics if him in what appears to be an irresponsible cupcake binge, but what is in actuality only
Greenies on top of a cupcake. Don't worry he ingested no chocolate whatsoever. Enjoy!!

"Mommy" feeding Cosmo a "cupcake"