Friday, December 19, 2008

A Disaster a Day!!

"UH Mom, he did it again!!!" Hmmm "Mommy" is really starting to wonder who actually pulls the strings here!!

Cosmo is going through "a phase". A very BAD phase, for me at least it is. He, however, is having a BALL. He is happy and well, but I am a wreck.

He has discovered that he has powers far beyond those of mortal men, er...cats. He can jump up to ANYTHING, yup anything at all. When he gets there he decides that he just LOVES to watch whatever is up there with him hit the deck.

Now, I most definitely "cat proofed" the house, but I am talking things that are waaaaay up there. Things like antique pitchers, lead crystal candle sticks, you get the idea. I wish he would start working on wooden objects, at least they would not break LOL

I know how smart he is, I know he has a very analytical mind, so I bought him a "smart cat toy". We'll see if things improve, I am not necessarily hopeful as I know this likely needs to be "outgrown". Good thing he is such a sweetheart MOST of the time, well OK 50% of the time!! LOL

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Insanity

Nutcrackers standing guard in the living room.

I have been so guilty of not updating this as often as I had planned, but this time of year is so busy with baking for clients AND baking for myself in time to get stuff mailed out to friends/family that I have no time for ANYTHING!!! So, the blog has had to wait.

Big news, I finally got the courage to put up a Christmas tree and so I need to post some pics I shot of the kids around it. Bigger news, I finally broke down (I literally cried) and got an artificial tree. Now, it's a beautiful one to be sure and has over 1500 lights crammed onto it (my goal is to have a tree just like the one in Rockefeller Center :-) but it's not real. I just figured that it would be so much better for the babies if they did not have pine tar all over their fur, and easier for me too.

Cosmo pretending he is "in the woods".

So far the decorations have withstood the "test of Cosmo". He has knocked a candle out of one of the front windows a couple of times and the bulb has broken and needed replacement. But...other than that so far so good.

Here they are with the tree. More to come once I get ALL of my Holiday baking/mailing done. Enjoy!!

Star in her new favortite spot for a nap!