Monday, March 2, 2009

Star's Turn in the Tub

What a beautiful girl she is, and look at those eyes!!

Yesterday we decided that it was past time for Star to have a bath. Michele @ Maine Delite suggests that you give a bath with the change of the seasons to get rid of old hair ect so we jumped the gun a bit on spring and went with it.

She took it pretty well, and though I know that she has been bathed in the past it has been a while. She really didn't panic, though she did struggle a little bit.

We did the total "show groom" just to get her good and fluffy and she looks stunning now.

My little "diva" on her favorite perch!

Her "baby brother" Cosmo watched from a distance seemingly glad that this time it was someone else's turn :-)

She also is not afraid of the blow drier so after wicking as much water as possible from her we blew her dry in about 25 minutes. The pictures tell the story, she is gorgeous!!

On an unrelated note, I sent in the show entry form for Cosmo on Saturday night, I am very excited. The show is at the end of April in Erie, PA and even though it's the last show of the year and he probably can't really get his Premiership this season (?) at least we will all get our feet wet, so to speak, and be all ready for the next show season.

My gorgeous babies!!