Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baebae's Freedom

Not really sure about coming out after all!!

Today we decided to let Baebae loose in the upstairs hall outside of her "home" (which until now has been Mark's office). Funny thing is that although she had been trying to get out of the room on occasion when we were going in and out, she was more than hesitant to do any real explorations on her own.

So this is Mom and Dad's bedroom!

We decided to close all of the doors upstairs, except the one to our bedroom (right across the hall from the office) whic
h would allow Baebae to see some of the upstairs as well as the downstairs hall too. She made a couple of tentative circuits of our bedroom, went down the stairs (and right back up), and then back into her "safe room". Michele suggested we let her look around on her own without her "helicopter parents" watching her every move, so later when we went downstairs to be with Cosmo and Star we opened the office door. I am not sure what she did, but an hour later when I went back up she was sleeping in her room.

That's a LONG way down!

In the front hall, ever so briefly.

We'll try it again and keep trying until she seems to like more room to roam.

On another note, Baebae had two visitors today and was sweet and friendly to them both. I am very pleased that she seems affectionate and playful, as well as being beautiful. All in all I am very encouraged by her progress!!

If I could read her mind I think it would be saying, "close the door please I feel safer in here!"

Friday, August 20, 2010

BaeBae's First Week.....

Beautiful Miss "Baebae" in her room with a view...

Our new kitty's time here started out kinda rough, and as usual I was sleep deprived and got gloomy too early. But this week has turned out to be a great one with our new little Maine Coon girl.

Cosmo and Star just KNOW something's going on in "Daddy's" office. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Now let's discuss names before we get to the more mundane stuff. Her registered name is "Blaur Seen" (blue lake) and she was a wonderful breeding cat at Maine Delite and was owned by my friend Michele Cole of Dublin, Ohio. Michele decided she needed to find a "forever" home for her and agreed to let us give her that. Blaur Seen had been called "BB", but for reasons I won't go into here I have problems with that name :-) So I suggested "Baby" since it sounds similar. Mark found BaeBae (pronounced "baybay") in the urban dictionary and I kinda liked it, so (for now) I think we'll go with it. Now she surely is no "ghetto" kitty, but I like the sound of it, and she doesn't read the urban dictionary anyway :-)

At any rate sometime during this week Baebae decided she could and would trust us. Each day we have heard more "chirps," purrs, and general welcoming meows! Today
she took a further step towards becoming a real part of the family by not being upset with a visit from my Mom, I was very proud of her.

"Baebae" just chillin' with "Daddy".

As far as her "brother" and "sister" go, there has only been one little hiss from Cosmo on Monday from under the office door. Each day they touch paws, and sniff without seeing each
other and it's going well (I think :-)

The next big test for Baebae will be on Sunday when we let her out of her saf
e place to explore the upstairs hallway. I think I am going to keep all of the other doors closed and let her get used to just being out of what has been her home. Of course the other babies will be shut off in the downstairs, introductions are probably a couple of weeks, if not longer, off.

Wish us all luck, I think this is going to be a beautiful family. Thanks to Michele for the wonderful kitty an
d all of the incredible advice!!

Cosmo lunges for the blue paw which just disappeared from under the door. Not yet big guy, not yet!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Waiting for BeeBee!!

Cosmo and Star gaze out the living room windows, blissfully unaware....

I know I know, it's been forever since I posted here (last winter) but as you know when kitties get to be two years old they slide into their daily routines with very little drama. This is about to change!! We are getting a new kitty!!

Michele Cole (of
Maine Delite cattery) has made available several adult cats who she has chosen, for one reason or another, not to breed anymore. One of them really captured my heart. Her registered name is "Blaur Seen" but Mickey calls her "BB" and I am only changing the spelling of this to "BeeBee" (just to be contrary I suppose). She is just two years old and is a blue smoke (Mick says she appears to be almost purple)

Blaur Seen at 5 weeks.

We are picking her up in Dublin, OH o
n August 13th (yes I know it's a Friday the 13th, but she is NOT a black cat, only a very dark blue one :-)

Now will there be drama when this gorgeous two year old enters the house? You bet there will be. I have read several articles on how to successfully introduce a new cat to a household which has cats
already, and we have Mickey to answer all of our concerns. I truly feel Mark and I have the ability to do this well, and we have more than enough space to separate all concerned parties as long as need be. (along with the loving patience to introduce them all slowly)

Blaur Seen (a.k.a BeeBee) as she is today!

Only time will tell, and I will be posting
here about the whole process. Are we nuts? Nah, but wish us luck anyway!! See you soon....

Cosmo and Star now on the lookout for their new "sister"