Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mr. Cosmo's first Show Groom

Cosmo looking up at us wondering what it was all about after his "ordeal"

Well, I finally got the courage, and all of the stuff, to do a proper show groom on Cosmo. If we are going to show him, as we plan to in April, then this is something we needed to practice.

Now Cosmo is a very easy going kitten/cat, as LONG as he gets his own way that is. :-) He dislikes being brushed, and so I had my trepidations about doing an actual show groom on him. But all in all he did very well with it, only struggling for a while. It has quite a few steps to it, so as it went on in time he either decided to accept what was happening or just got tired LOL.

Cosmo looking a bit "scruffy" before his show groom.

The results were wonderful though, and Michele says he looked "stunning". He didn't stay that way
too long, but hey he's a baby cat still and loves to get into "messy" things.

Here are some more pics of him right after he was dried. I was very happy that he accepted the blow drier as readily as he did too, it sure made what was a long process a bit shorter. If the first time was the worst then we should be able to do this at least a few tmes a year.

Cosmo, looking oh so sweet.

Thanks Michele for all of your help, thanks Mark for
holding him while I scrubbed him, and thanks Cosmo for being such a "good boy".

The fluffy finished product, Cosmo lookin' good!

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