Friday, February 6, 2009

Getting Ready

The calm before the "groom"....

I know it's been ages since I've posted anything here. I am sorry about that, but it indicates two things. Firstly, I have had no time to do this , unfortunately, but secondly the "kids" have been going along in their daily routines with little or no drama.

But, I got an email from Michele, their breeder, telling me as an aside that Cosmo is "high show quality". I have been seriously thinking I should show him because in my own, not professional, opinion he is a good example of his breed. But after Mickey's note I think I really have to show him so....I have to give him his "show groom". I will cut and paste from Michele's web site just what this entails to give you an idea of what I'll be doing with him this weekend.

First you dry bath the kitten/cat in Groomers Goop - rubbing it in the coat and working it to the skin.... you can use small amounts of warm water to help get it to the skin. Pay close attention to the mane, back of ears and the britches. Then you rinse, rinse, rinse,,,,,, then rinse in somewhat cooler water. Note: you really need to make sure all this is rinsed!

Next you bath the kitten/cat in Pet Silk Deep Cleanse shampoo. Then you rinse, rinse, rinse,,,,,, then rinse in somewhat cooler water

Next you bath the kitten/cat in whitening shampoo EZ Crystal White Shampoo. Then you rinse, rinse, rinse,,,,,, then rinse in somewhat cooler water (Note this is only for kittens/cats with white, silver or cream colors)

Final step and frankly one of the most important.... 1/4 cup of White Vinegar to a gallon of warm water...... rinse the kitten/cat with this and then cool water rinse until all areas are squeaky clean.

Towel and blow dry if possible,,, If kitten/cat will not tolerate the dryer, then towel dry completely and then use several paper towels and absorb most all the water you can. After the groom - DO NOT HANDLE THE KITTEN/CAT UNTIL THE SHOW!! AT THE SHOW, ONLY BRUSH BETWEEN RINGS to fluff the coat and tail ,,,,, as you handle and pet you kitten/cat,,,,, the oil in their coat will start to re-appear.

If the kitten/cat hair is full of static at the day of the show, use the Anti-stat Conditioner and Detangler - this is listed on the previous page...... use it by spraying lightly on the brush (not directly on the kitten/cat) to condition those fly-a-way areas. Make sure you use this sparingly as you can't take a wet looking kitten/cat in the rings. Best to use this when you get to the show @ 1/2 hour before entering the rings. ONLY use this if there is static.

This may all sound very extreme, however shows are won and lost on a groom. This insures that the kitten/cat is represented in the very best way. You will be amazed at how your kitten/cat looks !!!

Caution: do not over brush your kitten/cat!!! taking to much hair out of the kitten/cat by pulling with combs and brushes will thin the coat and the representation of the kitten/cat will be very poor at shows. Granted keep your kitten/cat brushed and tangle free, but don't over brush - especially that beautiful tail. They need that tail large and fluffy for the judging!!!

No, it doesn't scare me, exactly... I'll give you a blow by blow of how it went with pictures. Wish us all luck!!

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Mike Hamilton said...

Don't pull a Harry Dunn from "Dumb and Dumber" right before the show.