Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grabbing and Other Nasty Habits...

Innocent bystander, OR evil mastermind? YOU decide!!

Cosmo is just a little "grabber". He can't keep his paws off of....well anything!! He'll grab opportune items off counters, shelves, tables, entertainment centers, you name it. Almost anything you can think of has hit the deck in this house over the past few weeks.

He is not as "fi
lled out" as Star was at the same age, but his body is longer and he weighs more than she did when she was 6.5 months old. Consequently he can "stand up" and get to most everything. This includes onions that are being chopped, toast for breakfast, any pens or writing implements on the center island, anything.

Not only this, but h
e has also learned several of "big Sister Star's" bad habits such as; dumping over water bowls, turning the faucets on in the bath tub, and ramming into the kitchen widow to scare (or ostensibly) chase the birds at the feeder.

Above and below are some
shots of the "kids" I took today. I have no earthly idea of what I'll do for Christmas this year. I have a closet FULL of lovely decoration we have collected over the years that I suspect will not see the light of day for Christmas 2008 :-(

"They" don't know that *I* know I've been set up, but what the heck, I'll bite!!

Just a little more to the right, got it!!!

This coffee is too strong anyway!

Maybe we should see what's happening in the living room!!

These candlesticks on the on the marble table have always bothered me, hmmmmm...

I never liked them here, let's put them someplace else.

Who me? What'd *I* do?

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