Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Renovation Nation

Cosmo keeping a sharp eye on the contractors!

It's been forever since I posted anything to you all, sorry I've been so remiss. We are hosting a family reunion in about 3 weeks and we have been working like crazy to get things done at home for it. The house is being sided (something we have been in angst over for years due to the historic nature of our house), and we have painted and redone two bathrooms. The list goes on and on. BUT the kitties have been sailing through it all with only minor glitches now and then. They mostly LOVE watching the guys siding the house, it's their fave sport now, but they rest very little during the day so they are so tired at night.

Once and a while one of the guys will pound loudly and they will respond to it by looking up at us with those huge MC eyes, but in general they enjoy the chaos. I am posting a couple of pics of the babies, enjoy and have a great summer all of you!!

Star takes a break now and then choosing to observe the action from the upstairs landing, where she can keep her paw on the pulse without getting it dirty :-)

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