Friday, October 2, 2009

The BEST Babies in the World!!!

Cosmo with his beautiful "cousins" Jennifer and Christina

And I don't make that claim lightly, though I do admit to being prejudiced in my cats' favor!!

Last weekend we had another family reunion here in Jamestown, this time my side of the family. Among the people coming were an eight year old boy and teen aged cousin girls. Ethan, the 8 year old, stayed with us here along with his mom my first cousin Deb and her hubby Eric. I was a little concerned about how the kids would react to having a small person in the house with us for a few days, but as usual I needn't have been.

Cosmo and Star never left Ethan alone, they followed him all over the house,
tried to sleep with him at night, and played with him 'til they all dropped. It was so amazing to see these beautiful cats playing so happily with their cousin Ethan, it's like they had all been raised together.

We ho
sted a dinner and then a breakfast for the whole clan and Cosmo and Star got to meet their beautiful young cousins Jennifer and Christina. The girls carried Cosmo all over the house and he didn't struggle or ask to be put down, he was a perfect gentleman! Star was a bit more reticent about participating in all of the activities, but she still was so sweet and never put a paw wrong. Nope not a claw or tooth was seen, they were playful BUT gentle. They are the best cats in the world!!

ankfully my cousin Deb and my husband Mark took lots of pictures of the goings on and I am posting some of them here, enjoy!!!

Sometimes you just HAVE to take a break! Ethan was hardly covered up before Cosmo joined him!

What ARE those tiny pieces?

More playing Leggos with Ethan, Star inspects them to be sure all the pieces are there!


Debra Ehnstrom said...

Best kitties in the world! WE can't wait to see our furry cousins again. :-)

strbuk said...

Yeah and I'll bet you want to see the kitties again too :-)))))