Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Daily Routine

The "morning" nap spot on the daybed in my office.

On days when I don't work the kid
s are my helpers, well sort of. They will follow me assisting with things ranging from showering to vacuuming (though Cosmo is not crazy about the Dyson) and though they try to be "useful" they wind up being "under foot". The thing is that after Gabriel died the house felt so empty and we were so lonely that to complain about almost anything they do seems absurd. Except, Cosmo doing a tightrope act on the upstairs railing.

If he fell from just the right spot th
e drop would be about 20 feet and that scares me. So we jerry-rigged a solution that I hope will work. We taped cut cardboard in he shape of a peak to the flat top of the railing to make it too hard to walk on (we HOPE it's too hard to walk on anyway) If anyone reading this has a better idea (short of moving to a single story house) please let me know.

Necessity IS the mother of invention, I hope this works because it sure looks awful. What happened to my house?

Otherwise here are some shots of the babies up in my office with me while I blog in the morning. They LOVE hiding in the daybed between the two components of the trundle beds. Enjoy!!

Star in her special "hiding place"

Star thought she had a safe haven, but she was wrong!! Here's baby bro!

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