Monday, January 12, 2009

St. "Sissy" and the "Little Devil"

Star helping "daddy" out in the office.

As you may or may not know we are owned by two wonderful
Maine Coon cats who we love beyond belief. One of them is Star and she is "good," the other is Cosmo and he is...well not bad but challenging. LOL

We give our b
abies nicknames and Star's (well one of her's) is Sissy. She is not a "sissy" but a sort of "sister" to Cosmo. (they may be distantly related but are not sibs) She is wise and wonderful, affectionate and for the most part gentle. She has become a fierce huntress and a great leaper, though she never jumps up to places she should not be. She is my BFF, for sure!!

Cosmo has no nicknames other than the occasional "Baby 'Mo". He is smart as a whip and gets bored easily. He is inventive, mischievous, very loving, and powerful. He is able to jump great heights to places cats should never go. In other words he is wonderful. All the "tricks" out there suggested to keep your cat off of counters, tables, center islands, ect. don't work with him. He is determined!!

A slightly "rumpled" Cosmo watches the back yard from one of his favorite perches.

Cosmo settles down at 11 each night and for the most part never stirs until between 6-7AM.

Star never settles down until about 11AM and she sleeps most of the day. She is up with us until bedtime at which time she needs to go downstairs to do whatever she does each night. If she stays with us she tries to get Cosmo to play with her, but he needs his sleep as he is not a "napper". I have always felt badly about this, but so far it seems to be working. I dream of the day when we can all sleep together.

Star can help me in the kitchen when I am baking. She sits and watches me giving me occasional advice as only she can. A chirp here and a chortle there and we are good to go.

Cosmo likes to jump up into the cookie batter, or worse yet on the hot stove so when I am baking in particular he needs to go upstairs for a little R&R. I guess it will all work itself out, but it has been about the most interesting nearly 6 months I can remember in a long time, and our lives are so much the richer for them.

Thanks so much for these little blessings Mickey!!


E Mama said...

What beautiful cats!!

Hollie said...

Hi Paula,
I have tried to email you 3 different times at the address on the card you gave me but all three came back to me? Any ways, can you please email me at that way I will have your email addy and I can just respond to send you pictures of the baby, she is beautiful by the way. Also good job on posting about the show! Love your view on the politics of it all!!!