Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wintertime with the Kids

Cosmo "helps" me make out Christmas cards!!

(I had meant to post this right after Christmas and well...time got away from me :-)

Well, now the snow is melting and it's January thaw time. Christmas is just a memory but I have pictures of the babies having a ball with the decorations, and the tree. I had to be somewhat careful with what I put out this Christmas, and I "stuck down" whatever I could with sticky putty.

This one is mine, right?

Cosmo loved diving under the Christmas tree and running from underneath it to grab at ankles and his "sister". We also placed "decoys" along the bottom of the tree for them to play with, stuff that can't be broken or harm them, and it's worked out really well. That is it worked out until we took the tree down. LOL I had a couple of porcelain ornaments on the floor and I was just getting them ready to wrap up and put safely away when Cosmo ran through the living room, he knocked one (by accident) into the other and they both broke! How could I get angry, it was not his fault. My only disappointment was that I really thought we had gotten through the whole season without incident! Ha!!

Star making sure no one has peeked at their Christmas gifts!

So above and below are a few shots I took of them in December, enjoy!!

Final Christmas tree "inspection" before it all comes down for another year.

The Holidays are over, everything's been cleaned up, and now we can get back up on the center island, right? No!!! :-)

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