Friday, September 3, 2010

The "Happy Hummer Club"

Beautiful Miss Sophie, adjusting to her new home!

Well, actually there has been little to no "humming" thus far, let me explain. My Aunt Suzie had a great dog named Bowser who used to come with my Uncle Jim, Aunt Sue, and cousin Susan when they visited my parents. ("sister" Deb was not here yet, this was a LONG time ago :-) I was a kid and we had cats but no dog so it was nice to have a dog in the house. The cats however did not share this opinion and they spent the whole time "humming" (growling under their breath) at poor Bowie. Aunt Suzie dubbed them the "Happy Hummers" (though I doubt they were all that happy)

The "Happy Hummer Club" meeting for morning coffee!!

Thus, when finally this week all three of our Maine Coons met for the first time I was wondering if I would get my very own version of the "Happy Hummers". We've had a lot of hissing, a couple of swats but no growling.

It's been a very interesting process to watch and as the week has worn on the situation has been shall we say "fluid". At first Sophie
(ahhhh, she is no longer "Baebae", she is Sophie, it just seemed to fit her better :-) took command hissing at and intimidating both Star and Cosmo. But just this morning (day three of the "meeting of the minds") Star asserted HERSELF and at least for now appears to be the boss of them.

Cosmo trying to convince Sophie that she does indeed want to play with him!

Cosmo wants very badly to play with
his new "sister" and they do romp a bit, just as long as Cosmo doesn't get too "in her face." She and Star have a ways to go yet for real play, though as you can see in the picture I took, Star was interested in Sophie's whereabouts.

Where DID she go? Maybe under the bed!

Sophie seems to feel more comfy upstairs in general, largely I think due to the fact that she started out here and feels it's the "safe" part of the house. I am hoping that within the next few weeks she will come to view the whole house as her own, and she just this morning came down to see what I was having for breakfast. Michele Cole (who I have to thank for any success w
e are having with this) of Maine Delite (where all three of our MCs began their lives) thinks we are making good progress. I think so too, and I hope it continues. I'll keep you posted!

Wow, the new kid on the block has LOTS of energy, time to take a break!

Sophie, all worn out from her adventures. She needs a nap too!

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strbuk said...

Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I say there is no humming, humming occurred!! Oh well!