Friday, December 3, 2010

Pre Christmnas Jitters!!!

Cosmo and Sophie on the well "loved" cat tower :-)

Hi all, how are you? I know it's been awhile, AGAIN!! A couple of "interesting" things have happened
as we prepare for the glut of Christmas decorations about to be scattered about my house (much to the delight of our three very curious and much-too-smart-for-their-own-good Maine Coons :-)

One great thing that has happened is that Sophie continues to become a cherished part of the family. She gets along cordia
lly with her kitty sibs, and I expect that after some more time they will be even more than cordial acquaintances!

The sisters doing some "bird watching"

We did have a minor scare with Sophie two weeks ago, one which sent us at 2AM Saturday night to the emergency vet. This in itself would not be a huge deal, if the vet lived closer than the 60 miles we had to drive (and cost less than the $120 we paid) Late that evening Sophie seemed suddenly very lethargic, and her respirations wer
e at about 60 per minute. (she had been "rough housing" with Star earlier in the day and has rolled down the stairs so I worried about broken ribs, or a concussion) This really scared me and all sorts of things ran through my mind. I looked on line for clues from "experts" (all of whom said that she needed to be seen immediately) and watched her closely. When she didn't perk up I felt certain that she was in genuine distress. I know I probably overreacted, but I could never have forgiven myself if I had NOT taken her and something awful happened. So, after calling all over the place and finding out that my vet (as well as the vet covering for him) was unavailable we took her to the only emergency clinic within 150 miles. They took her vitals, examined her closely and found there was nothing amiss, so we took her back home as they stated they thought she would be fine until at least the AM.

When we got up on Sunday she was not any better, but was also not any worse so we arranged to take her in to our vet at 6:30AM Monday.
In the meantime she started eating again and by the time we got up Monday AM she seemed almost back to her old self. Still, I felt compelled to take her in for blood work and x-rays. $240 more and no one could find anything wrong and she has been great ever since. (knock on wood) .

Perhaps she is merely taking after her half sister the beautiful little "diva" Star who pulled a
similar stunt after coming to live with us over 2 years ago. Oh well, "all's well that ends well" I guess. I am sure there will be more drama to come after all the decorations are up, and I promise I'll keep you posted!!

Star and Cosmo get a drink, while Sophie tries to figure out how to walk around the edge of the tub without falling in!

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