Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Too Much Drama...

With cardboard back in place the stairway may look like this for the next 17 years or so.

I know it's been awhile since I have posted, but things here have been exciting, and not in a good way. While my house needs cleaning, I need to bake for clients, and I also need to actually just sit down and talk with Mark like the "old days" my Star decided she was Amelia Earhart. She is a dare devil who,while very intelligent, thinks she is indestructible. (maybe it's her age, you know how teenagers are!!) At any rate, the results of her "stunt" Saturday were not what she, nor I , expected.

As you can see from the above photo we have an open staircase, one which has always given me great consternation as far as it being dangerous to cats. Gabriel always went right to the edge, but never ever went over. So when we brought the babies home from Ohio I blocked off the spindles completely with the cardboard shield you see in the pic. The look is less than DIY worthy, but it does the trick. I was waiting for Cosmo to grow up a bit and get some sense, little did I know that he was not the "problem".

Star has been, she since arrived, my good big girl. She's the one I never needed to worry about. She is large for an 8 month kitten (9.5 lbs) and is smart, so I erroneously supposed she had some sense too. Boy, was *I* wrong, as I found out not two hours after I removed the cardboard.

Star "decided" that she could jump from the landing outside the bathroom door to the stairs below. Before I could grab her she did just that, and landed awkwardly on the stairs about 7 feet down. At the time she seemed OK, I watched her closely and felt little concern. Sunday morning when we got up she also seemed fine, but when we returned from shopping she was very lethargic and her "chirp" was off. Naturally I panicked.

We called around until we found a vet who would see her on a Sunday and took her in. All of her vitals were normal so we left her overnight for x-rays the next day. They turned out to be OK with some swelling on her chest wall, but she was eating ect so they thought she would be fine, just really sore. But, one interesting finding is that when we had her spayed she must have been in heat because she is now having a sort of "false pregnancy" which I hope will end sooner rather than later due to possible complications. In the meantime I am limiting her contact with Cosmo due to fears of rough play. It's always something, and it's way too exciting for me!!

Update: it may be something else that is causing symptoms of "false pregnancy" we'll see our vet tomorrow, I am so upset, not to mention tired.

Star, checking out the "scene of the crime".

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