Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Any window will do, all they need is a room with a view.

Right outside our kitchen widow we have various bird feeders which cater to most of the local and visiting population. Mark built a perch along one of the windows, and the cats have been spending time at it where they can watch the birds as they feed. They love sitting in any window actually, and as there are many of them in the house they have their choice.

I tend at times to be guilty of anthropomorphizing my animals and I wonder if they ever dream of being outside, or if they dream of the freedom they will never have. I honestly doubt it, and that's good because I would feel badly if they knew what they were really missing by being indoor kitties. But, it's a dangerous world our there, even in a quiet neighborhood like ours, so they will always be inside where they can sit in the sun, watch the birds, and "dream".

Star and Cosmo, "dreamy" cats in the kitchen window.

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