Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random Shots

Star is still bigger, but Cosmo is catching up.

Over the past week I have taken more pictures than I could post and I want to catch up now and put a few up.

Cosmo getting bigger every day.

Star wondering where all the birds go when she shows up in the window.

The "kids" continue to grow and thrive. Cosmo is a little devil, and a little angel. He goes right to bed at night with us though and stays put. Star sleeps with us for a few nights, get restless, and winds up downstairs on her own. I then feel so guilty about having her down there by herself that the next night she's back up with us for another try, I always give in. I am hoping that she can be "trained" to sleep through the night. I know I read somewhere out there that someone did that with their 4 cats. Of course it took them three years, YAWN :-) We'll see.

Baby Cosmo with "Grandma Joyce".

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