Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family "Portraits" and a Vet Visit...

"Daddy" with the kids, not really ready for "stupid pet tricks", yet.

I thought that it was probably past the time when a couple of "informal family portraits" were included in the DM. This is so when they are older, and we are old, we can look back and see how much things have changed. (us and the cats that is :-)

This post also coincides with a visit to the vets. Star has gone from 8.5 lbs to 9.1lbs in two weeks, and Cosmo has gone from 5.5lbs to 6.3lbs in two weeks time. It's so wonderful to go to Moonbrook because all of the people who work there LOVE Maine Coons and look forward to seeing Star and Cosmo. They have their own small fan club!! The "kids" are growing so fast and changing so much that I would have to post pics of them on a twice a day basis to keep up!!

"Mommy" and babies, no one really likes having pictures taken!

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