Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The beautiful baby diva Star at 8 weeks.

Star gets her stitches out this afternoon and we get to finally meet the new vet who did Star's surgery. Cosmo will also get the
last shot in the series of three that kittens get, so it will be a "two-fer" today. I am very excited about their vet Dr. Derby for a couple of reasons: one she is related to my dearest friend Cindy, who says she has done a great job with her Beardie "Boodles", and secondly Dr. Derby is a "cat specialist" which makes me feel hopeful confidence in her.

I'll post more tomorrow about how the visit went, plus I have some great pics of the babies with their "grandparents" from the other night, but for now I am posting two "baby" pictures of Cosmo and Star. These were taken when each was 8 weeks old. It's amazing to see how Star has "lightened" in her coloring as she has aged.(this has been all "natural" I assure you :-) The pictures were taken by their breeder the wonderful
Michele Cole of Maine Delite Maine Coons. Enjoy!

Cosmo at 8 weeks, he looked like trouble on wheels even then! :-)

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