Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Day in the Life

Turn out the lights the party's over!! The "kids" fall asleep amidst the debris of their "toys".

Well, it's a "momentous" day around here today. Not only is it Star's birthday (she is now 8 months old) but it is also the anniversary of their "occupation" of our home. They have been here 7 weeks today and really the time has simply flown by. So, in honor of all of this I would like to sketch out a "typical" Kirsch family day.

As teachers we get up early. Usually we get up at 5:45AM, as a sub when I am going in I get up at 5AM to get things going. Cosmo sleeps with us and likes the 5:45 wake up call, but NOT my 5AM version so he'll stay in bed with Daddy. Star loves it when I get up really early and we get to have some "girl talk" and play time. On those days when I am not teaching, or have baking orders to fill Daddy goes downstairs first for his coffee and brekkie. Cosmo will usually go down too to see his "sister". (I should interject here that after a number of attempts as letting both kitties sleep with us we have decided that Star can have the whole downstairs every night. Cosmo sleeps through the night with us very well, but unfortunately Star likes to get up every couple of hours to roam, and this was keeping even Mark awake. She seems none the worse for being on her own all night, and her schedule is one which finds her sleeping pretty much all afternoon while we can sleep all night.)

The morning then consists of eating, playing with toys, "romping" with each other, short naps, more play, more food, you get the picture. I always worry that they will be bored or something, I hope that's not the case. Stuff you read on the net suggests that cats can get depressed if not stimulated enough, well I have invested in what seems like hundreds of toys for them, and of course they have each other. They play in the shower, have a "cat condo", ect so if they are bored or depressed it's not for any lack of effort on our part, but I still worry. Trouble is soon they will both be so huge, the biggest cats I have had (Gabriel was a smallish MC) that at times I wonder if my 2500sq ft home is big enough for all of us :-)

As usual I digress, so back to our day. They sleep in the PM for a couple of hours, Star usually a bit longer than Cosmo, and get really going again when Daddy comes home (or both of us when I am working@school). The evening is spent in play, though the play is usually not as "crazy" as that in the morning and bed time rolls in around about 10:30 or so on school nights.

As for the sleeping arrangements I alluded to earlier, Star seems to have adjusted really well to being on her own at night. We have a lot of windows which look out on the woods and lawns that surround the house and I am sure she has lots of "business" to attend to at night. Our home is quite old (circa 1880) and has the "basement from Hell" consequently we get a few mice on the first floor now and then. I will be curious to see when Star starts to find and "dispose" of them. I am really hoping however that she doesn't supplement her diet with "crunchy mouse heads" as Gabriel used to >sigh<

Quiet afternoon time, my favorite!

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