Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Easy day, thus far...

Cosmo not quite ready to wind down yet for the day.

I have to admit to having thought that the adjustment period on both sides of this proposition, the new cats and us, would be more difficult than it has been. So far, it's been relatively easy. (with the possible exception of the early morning wake up call, Mark and I are now alternating "dawn duty"). They are both bright, perceptive, and well adjusted cats, no mean feat. The older one ,Star, is very bright, you can watch her figure out how to solve her little problems. Cosmo, the "baby", is still into the "eat, sleep, play, eat" mode so his "brain" is seemingly less well developed though I suspect he'll get to Star's level of problem solving expertise one of these days. It's fascinating to watch them decide how to solve their various daily puzzles. My only real problem with them is the occasional "rough play" they exhibit. I know lots of people love watching kittens plays with each other, but I admit to fearing some kind of horrible injury that I would then have to explain to my new vet. And yes I got the courage to call and make an appointment with a new vet. The one we had used lives over a half hour's drive away and though he is perfectly competent and did a nice job with our very ill Gabriel, it's just too far for emergencies or snowy wintertime visits. We are scheduled for appointments with both babies on Tuesday so we'll see how that goes. I am very optimistic.

Star looking too alert for her own good too!!