Friday, August 29, 2008

Very Good Friends

Just taking a little "cat nap" together.

Star and Cosmo are doing extremely well as "housemates". I would not say that they need to be with each other constantly as each will separately seek us out during the day to be with us, but they clearly get along "famously". They play together, mostly in the mornings, groom each other, and sometimes take naps together. Last night we experimented by NOT closing Star up in Mark's office (where she has been at night since her surgery). She is still much more nocturnal than Cosmo is, at least at this time, and I think for the foreseeable future she will be sleeping in the office. She thankfully doesn't seem to mind sleeping on her own at all, and even though Cosmo was not responding to her 3AM wake up call last night as he sleeps like a "log", I did, YAWN. I am really hoping that with age and diminishing hormones she will calm down and be able to join the family at bedtime, but this may be just who she is and since Cosmo loves to sleep with us, and even sleeps in, I hate to lock BOTH cats out. Still I do feel guilty about "isolating" Star at night, and I hope that this situation turns around sooner rather than later.

Speaking of Star here I must mention that some puffiness has suddenly developed around her incision. Most vets take the stitches out after 10 days, which would be today, but Dr. Derby wants to wait a full two weeks. This swelling is apparently not at all unusual and indicates the cat's reaction to the internal stitches. It allegedly will resolve by itself in anywhere from three weeks to several months. In any case it was disconcerting to see it appear yesterday, especially after her recovery has been so routine. I wrote to her breeder Michele Cole (who is also a vet tech) about it this AM and she says no worries as long as there is no drainage or redness, which there is not. I am very happy to know this, but along with the joy of having these guys goes some occasional worry and concern about them, because after all they are my "babies".


Paula Kirsch said...

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strbuk said...

It's a VERY small world huh? Thanks for your comment, good luck on your web site.

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