Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a Day!!

Dreaming of freedom in the window

You think that if you have owned cats
for many years you've seen everything. And I have seen LOTS. I had my Siamese spayed years ago, but had no other cat living in the house at that time, so this will be a new experience. Yesterday we brought Star home from her surgery and of course the first thing she did was to try and pull out her three stitches. We ran back to the vets to get her an Ecollar to try to stop her and thus far it has worked. She is still, I think, a little bit under the influence of the three day pain killing shot they gave her so she is intermittently sleepy. She is confined to Mark's office and has all of the "amenities" she could want there, except freedom of course. But, the biggest surprise so far has been Cosmo's reaction to the whole thing. He did not seem to miss her at all when she was gone overnight, but he sure wants to get in that room now to see how she is and possibly torture her. I think he is "concerned" by the strange smells she came in with from the vets, and they are allowed a couple of minutes at a time together a few times a day to groom each other a bit, but as soon as he starts to play with her I have to carry him out. She is feeling friskier this morning than she did last night too, and really seems a bit more ready to play. Unfortunately for her she is stuck in the room until after the weekend and then will be allowed out only under "supervision". If we didn't have a highly energetic kitten here I would let her roam the house on her own, keeping an eye in her to prevent her from jumping. But with Cosmo here ready to pounce that is just not possible. The complete healing cycle takes about two weeks give or take, and so it might be a tough time for Star, and us!! Fortunately the wound itself looks really good this morning, and the collar is still on so I am taking this and running with it, it's been a good night. I have some baking to do so here is another picture of my baby in her "Elizabethan collar". Poor Baby!! More to come...


Ali said...

Looks like you're working through things very well.

Regarding vets, my experience is that they can vary from hopeless to brilliant, even in the same practice.

Always go with your own instincts in the first instance. If subsequent visits with different vets confirm the initial diagnosis, then maybe it's probably OK (maybe). Finding a good vet is worth a fortune in saved vet bills and unnecessary suffering for your pet.

Still, you're obviously an experienced owner, so I'm just stating the obvious.

(we've found a good vet for our dog and even the dog seems to know it ... relaxed and cooperative whilst being examined)

Good luck with your cats,


strbuk said...

Thanks Ali, I think we found a good vet too. Now if we can just get through the "recovery" time with Star, and Cosmo's boundless energy, I think we'll be fine. I expect it will all quiet down in about three years or so!! :-)