Sunday, August 3, 2008

Welcome Home

Star and Cosmo

I've been blogging for about two years n
ow and it's something I enjoy doing, though at times it can be tedious. I hope that this blog is not tedious at all. It will concern the two Maine Coon Cat kittens my husband and I recently brought home with us. The younger, Cosmo, is 3 months old and is a brown mac tabby with white. and the previous link shows you Cosmo's dad. To say he is adorable would be completely understating the facts.The older kitten is female and her name is Star. She is a very glamorous silver patch mac tabby just like her mom Star is almost 8 months old. We lost our 14 year old MC to renal disease this spring and decided that our house was an empty place, so in order to fill it and our hearts I searched until I found a great MC breeder. Maine Delite Maine Coons, found in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio was just what I was looking for. Our babies made it home here to Western NY safely on Thursday and have already made great progress in adjusting to us, our house, and their new lives with us. I'll try to post pictures each day as a way of keeping track of how they have grown along with a few comments on what they have been doing. By doing this I also hope that the comment section of the blog will be a great place for other MC/cat lovers to discuss their favorite cats, and how they can best be raised.




daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...


Your two new cats look purrfectly marvelous.

- Rant

sandra said...

Hi Paula,

Wow, Star has already mastered regal, and Cosmo...what a cutey!

Are they solely house cats? I ask because we live near open space and have lots of predators. When the kids were little we called twilight, "bobcat time", and the kids only went outside with adults present.

I had forgotten about this, it's been awhile;)


strbuk said...

Yes Sandra, they are house cats only. When we bought them from the breeder we signed a contract which stated that we would NEVER let them outside (on purpose :-) and NEVER declaw them. Those are two promises I have no trouble keeping.


nahual said...

good lookin' felines. Having two should be twice the fun!?
Our Maine Coon Cat could see on top of our counters. Standing he was looking over 34 inches or so. A really stretched out boy. We've never had a cat so long, before or since. These days our Pixie Bobs play with our Bouvier des Flandres 6 1/2 month old puppy.
Cheers, L.

strbuk said...

Nahaul, beautiful Bouvier!!! Our cats will be large too. Cosmo's daddy weighs in at 20 lbs so I know he'll be a biggun, and Star's grandma weighs in at 17 lbs, she is also a LONG kitty. They are fun, I love them at least right NOW I do ;-)


nahual said...

Isn't that long tail characteristic of the Maine? Seeing yours I seemed to remember ours had this extroadinarily long tail. But since then we've had Manx, Pixie Bobs, Irish Water Spaniels so we became the house of strange tails. Necessitating a need to become a better story teller;>)

strbuk said...

I think I have heard MCs described as "the tail with a cat attached" so yes part of the breed standard is the long luxe tail.


Ali said...


Beautiful looking cats. My comments on TBV about cats were meant jovially. I know how completely independant (and untrainable ?) they are and I also admire them for that. Dogs are saps, in that respect (although I admire their selfless devotion ...). Having said that, I'm still curious whether it's even possible to train cats ?

Anyway, looks like you've got your hands full. I wouldn't suggest anything as crass as trying to train one of them to "sit", but, hypothetically, it would be an interesting experiment ... OK, I'm going !

PS Updated my pic to show you my dog ... you've got to love that face !

floyd said...

Those look like very focused cats.

strbuk said...

Yes they are focused particularly at 5:45AM when the birds start to sing...YAWN!


racejunkie said...


Congrats on the furry new additions to the family! Perhaps you could sic them on the gents at CAS...

strbuk said...

RJ, I have pictures of Dick Pound and RichardYoung in both litter boxes!! :-)