Monday, August 18, 2008

In the "nick of time"

This is all the "mothering" Star needs to do!

Star goes in for surgery tomorrow AM and it's , I think, in the nick of time. She is showing some signs of going into "heat" and I am very glad that we can get her in to get the procedure done asap. I am hoping that this will calm her down as she is the one who gets the gang up at 5:30AM every day. She also seems very restless much of the time and though some of that might be attributed to the newness of our home I think lots of it is due to her being "hormonal". We will keep her overnight at the vet's Tuesday because Cosmo is here and I really want her initial healing to be quiet, and then we may keep her isolated for a few days due to his sometimes "rough play". In a way I hate to take her out of an environment in which she is just becoming accustomed to have her spayed, but it really has got to be done.

Cosmo continues to eat anything that doesn't walk away from him, he is so different from Gabriel who was such a picky eater all the time. Cosmo's growth seems incredible too, you can almost watch him grow. Anyway, there is more to come with a description of what a "typical" day is like around here with two "wild animals" in residence.

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