Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's all in how you play...

Star plays surrogate "mom" on top of the "cat condo".

Sometimes when Star and Cosmo play I can't watch. The play rough. They are supposed to, and I know that they are getting rid of frustrations, energy, and are establishing their boundaries and pecking order (no contest at this point, she has the top rung of that ladder). But nonetheless it scares me to watch them. Sometimes I wimp out and just leave it to Mark who is the more easy going "daddy" observing their play while I go make beds or write for TBV. Some mornings they race around what used to be my house like wild mad banshees, and other mornings, like THIS morning, they only play with normal over the top kitten intensity. Thus, I have decided that I must just let them be, let them figure out what is what without too much , if any, interference from me. Mark had a wedding yesterday so it was mom and kids all alone for the day. They were wonderful companions hanging around with me wherever I went. They helped me clean, cook, blog, and take a nap. I confess that there have been times, when I was tired, that I wondered if we did the right thing by getting two of them, but after yesterday I have no doubts. They are wonderful! Just letting them be was probably the best thing I have done for them so far.

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