Monday, August 11, 2008

Growth and Independence

The babies are growing at an accelerated rate. Cosmo's growth is easier to see since he started out quite tiny, but I know Star is growing too. I did not officially weigh them when they arrived, but the vet will do so tomorrow and then I can keep better track of their progress. They eat very well with no urging needed , unlike Gabriel, and Cosmo in particular continues to be a gourmond and NOT a gourmet. He will consume his food as well as Star's if I don't watch him closely.

Meanwhile sleeping has still been sporadic at best, so tonight I may shut them downstairs to either sleep , play, or eat on their own. Michele Cole, the breeder who we purchased them from, suggested that they will not really be ready to sleep soundly with us for a while yet. Cosmo settles right in at 11 each night, and I think that if we just had him it would work. But Star seems to be the more nocturnal of the two and sometimes wants to start playing at 4:30AM. What with the Olympics on until midnight (and beyond) I am continually tired and need at least ONE really good night's sleep. We'll see if I get the guts to shut them downstairs or not. Meanwhile at the vets tomorrow we'll find out if Star is in heat now (I think she is not) and if not have her spayed asap, this may also help with the sleeping situation.

They'll always get a "good night's sleep" even if it's in the middle of the day!!

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