Monday, August 4, 2008

There's nothin' like a good nap

Star and Cosmo having a siesta.

I know this because I NEED a good nap today!! What a crazy day! Mark was at the emergency room for three hours this PM with a cinder in his eye, needless to say he will NOT be riding with HollyLoft tomorrow night, and we had a minor crisis with Star. Cosmo is like beautiful clay, he is so young and unformed that he molds to everything we do. But, Star has been elsewhere for almost 8 months and she has had routines established in her life that no longer exist. I have not left the babies alone since they came home last Thursday, either Mark or I will always be here. But, Mark had a meeting this afternoon BEFORE the emergency room visit (I need to interject that we are teachers and have the summer off until after Labor day, well I do Mark shoots weddings each weekend) Anyway I decided to try to relieve my sleep deprivation (they get up at 5:45AM on the clock) and take a short nap this PM. Star did not know that I had Cosmo with me and she shrieked when she thought she was alone. This cat is the Grace Kelly of the kitty world: aloof, elegant, and seemingly needing no one, until she proved THAT analogy incorrect today when she thought she was alone. Of course I called for her immediately to let her know where we were, and she came trilling like only a Maine baby can do, but it was a lesson for me. I know now that I have more to learn from them than they have from me. Tomorrow, I switch vets, scary!!

3 comments: said...

Jeez, it's contagious, first me, then Mark. Who is next?

I hope it wasn't his shooting eye and there's no permanent damage.

take care all!


strbuk said...

Thanks db, he's fine this AM, just some lingering soreness. It's been quite the week what with one thing and another huh?


cat2bike said...

Paula, I love cats, and have a 1/2 maine coon and 1/2 "Fred". Missy looks just like her dad, but is still a Maine Coon. Of course I have a few more cats to keep the place jumping.