Saturday, August 23, 2008


Star is healing beautifully, the stitches are thankfully still in and her incision looks great. But, she now "feels" so much better that she wants to run, jump, play, and chase Cosmo, at least early in the day. (I have noticed that by the end of the day she is still feeling the effects of her procedure and is much more laid back than she normally would be) She is after all only three and half days out from her surgery, major surgery I might add, and she really does need the time to heal. I feel so sorry for her confined to one room, especially now that she seems to be feeling so much better, but I feel there is no other choice I can make. After the weekend I'll call the vet and ask about limited play, but I know that with a "wild man" like Cosmo in the house it's not going to be advisable. I realize that I am probably being far too cautious as usual, but that's me a worrywart.

Cosmo in one of his quieter moments!

Cosmo is growing by leaps and bounds as it were, he is up to 5 lbs this weekend. He plays constantly when not "unconscious" and other than an occasionally runny eye he is the absolute picture of kitten health. After carefully looking at that eye I am thinking he has a hair or whisker that might be growing into it. His breeder assures me that there has never been feline herpes or other illnesses in her cattery, and the eye does not appear to have true conjunctivitis, only sporadic runiness that is completely gone the next day. We'll see, but I really think there is little of concern here. Mark had a wedding yesterday and Cosmo was a great companion, he can be a little jewel. I know Star would have been with me too, but the poor baby is "in jail" and I visited her frequently during the day. A week and a half before those stitches come out, it's hard to imagine.

PS Star requested that we take no more pictures of her in her "sick room" (Mark's workout room/office) as it's embarrassing. The room is her concern, not her appearance. :-)

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