Wednesday, August 27, 2008


One of the beaches at beautiful Presque Isle State Park, time for a little break.

Star is out. She is healing so well that, even with Cosmo present, she is safe to be out of "confinement". She also no longer goes after her stitches which at this point would likely not be easy to pull out anyway, so the "collar" is off as well. Trouble is it will be a whole week before she gets her three stitches out, instead of the standard 10 days. I am all for erring on the side of caution, but this seems a bit excessive.

The "kids" were all alone almost all day long yesterday too. We went to Presque Isle for one last summer picnic (kids in PA are back at school so it was very quiet). Naturally we had to shop while In Erie, for cat food of course! Any road trip we have taken lately has in actuality been merely an excuse to listen to David Sedaris audio books, but I digress. They seem to do well without us too, but as Mark went for his Tuesday Hollyloft group ride I had sole babysitting duty for the seond of three consecutive nights. Mark has already started teaching digital photography two nights a week at JCC and that's great, but they do keep me hopping and unable to do other things. I know that as they grow up and get to be "mature" they will need far less supervision, and at that time I will probably long for the "good old days" when they really needed me, but there are times now.....

When they play Cosmo gets really worked up, sometimes I feel he is overstimulated by all of it. He then gets himself so tired that he can't stop and needs some "intervention". I have gotten out the spray bottle, but use it only when he is too rough with Star, or goes after human hands and/or feet. Most of the time when he gets overly worked up all he needs is a big time cuddle and he'll fall into kitten unconsciousness.

One of their favorite places has come to be my bathroom where they both follow me in to "use" the sink for water play. Maine Coons LOVE their water!! We'll it leave at that for now.

Cat action at the sink.

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