Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The vet from Hell!

Sometimes all you really need is a paper bag to entertain you!!

The trip to the vets yesterday was a disaster. The female vet, who shall remain nameless, was cold, rude, dismissive, and not even nice to the animals. She lied to me about a testing procedure which I know is in existence, and tried to sell me products for a nonexistent condition in one of the babies. Needless to say we will not be back. I called my old vet's office and they now have a "cat specialist" on staff. We scheduled Star's spaying for Tuesday. I guess I should have known that you can't trust someone who will not look you in the eye, this vet was just the worst and I may go over to Angie's List and warn people from her. The babies thus far seem no the worse for wear, though the rabies vaccine required by NYS set them back a bit yesterday. I also put on some Advantage and am hoping like crazy they will not have a bad reaction to it. >sigh<
The "good news" is that Mark and I finally got a good night's sleep, boy did we need it!!

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